Amidst the tyranny that shaped life in the German Democratic Republic, football may not have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but for many it provided 90 minutes of escape from the oppression and hardships of the Soviet regime. But like every other facet of life in East Germany, football was not immune to the vice-like grip of the Stasi. When the head of the GDR’s infamous secret police agency turned his attentions to football, he set in motion a dark and bizarre chain of events.

STASI FC uses the compelling stories of what was happening in and around the football stadiums of East Germany to reflect the broader story of what life was like beyond their gates. Bookended with the construction and demolition of the Berlin wall, the film will combine dramatic reconstruction and archive with candid testimony from former players, officials and supporters. Access to a wealth of material from the Stasi Records Agency will underpin a tale of double lives, crooked deals and a dubious death. This is the story of what happened when an ugly regime got its hands on the beautiful game.

In development.