At seventeen, Bobby Sands was interested in girls, soccer and music. Ten years later he led a hunger strike against conditions inside Northern Ireland's infamous H Blocks that grabbed the world’s attention. Sands became an icon for a world that, to this day, knows little about him. Featuring fresh insight and remarkable archive, BOBBY SANDS: 66 DAYS brings us the story of this enigmatic prisoner and the events that turned him into such an iconic and divisive figure of the 20th Century.

Sands’ own words form the heart of the film, through his many poems, letters and ‘comms’ all penned inside prison, and in particular, his personal diary which he kept for the first 17 days of his hunger strike. Sands’ collected writings provide an invaluable window into his beliefs, feelings and aspirations. They serve to place his voice at the centre of the film and take us inside his head, the place where Sands eventually found freedom, fully aware he would never again experience it in reality.

Director, Brendan Byrne steps through the day-specific narrative, revealing the man at the centre of events in a probing personal portrait that separates man from myth, and fact from fiction.

Produced for BBC Storyville, BBC Northern Ireland, DR (Denmark), Irish Film Board, Northern Ireland Screen and SVT (Sweden).